Intensive stimulation for children and adults with disabilities
Incorporating Young Adults Academy


  • That all children and young adults with disabilities, regardless of race or background or severity of their disabilities, have unlimited opportunities to grow up knowing they are important and unique individuals. That they will have confidence in their abilities, identities, and sense of connectedness to the world and that their families feel informed, educated and confident to support them in the challenge.
  • To support other non-profit organisations with training and support, especially in areas of life-skills and employment training as well as small business development.
  • To change the negative perception about disability in general through corporate training programmes and “buddy” projects with schools or other organisations.
  • To build facilities where adults with disabilities could live independent from their parents using the supported living model and through this initiative assist families with long term living options for their children.


  • To provide learners with disabilities with the necessary skills for independence and integration; to develop their potential to the maximum, through excellent and appropriate education and remedial support based on relevant learning experiences.
  • To train and develop the skills of teachers, therapists, caregivers and parents.
  • To find meaningful small business opportunities at Pathways or in the open labour market for our young adults through structured life-skills and employment programmes.

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Fisant street no 3
Fisant Street No 3
Rietfontein Smallholdings
Rietfontein Smallholdings
Pretoria East
Pretoria East


Monday - Friday
Monday to Friday
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